Why Is Chinese Worth Learning?

Chinese Characters

As we described in the previous article about the popularity of learning foreign languages, Chinese is one of the most popular languages in the world. The population of China is the biggest in the world; the economy of this country grows too fast; the business market is also growing. Thanks to all of these factors, Chinese is spreading over the Globe. Thus, it is not easy to learn it. There are a lot of tones in Chinese and you should know which one to use. Also, there are a lot of characters, even more than in the Japanese language. Grammar is completely different from English. Though, for people who are interested in this language, this article may be useful.

5 Interesting Things about Chinese Traditions

  • People can openly tell you about your overweight (or any other body flaw) there. It is funny but it is true. In all civilized countries, such thing is not in common but not in China. The first reason why it happens is because Chinese do not tend to obese. Therefore, overweight human will definitely be a black sheep. The second one is the that your personal life is not a secret in China: your personality belongs to the society. The third thing is their mentality to freely talk what they want and they do not want to offend you – in such a way they show that they care.
  • Older people have excellent physical form. Many of elderly Chinese people often go for a walk in parks. The dances also have big popularity. They perceive dance as a special type of physical exercises but not as the entertainment.
  • The healthy way of life is very popular in China. There are a lot of trainers on the street. People can train even during the conversation! Also, sports style of life is very popular among corporations – the employees of enterprises can go out on a corporate limbering-up.
  • Anyone can ask you about your earnings. Practically, every foreigner runs into this question, especially while buying the expensive things like apartments or car. Apparently, there is a high level of vigilance in national behavior – whether you make your money in a dishonest way.
  • It is not accepted to ask the opposite sex about age and date of birth. In China, asking about the age means the romantic interest. Traditionally, China has difficult rules in creation marriages. Average marriage is not based on common interests, work or love. Parents give dates of birth of the children and then specialists on feng shui determines if this marriage will be the successful one.

Hard but Beautiful

It is really hard to learn Chinese but it is possible. Lots of people give up at the beginning because of the complexity of this language. However, making maximum efforts is a key to success. Moreover, it is very interesting because you can master writing the characters and turn it into the real calligraphy art. If you know the Chinese language on a high level, you may be very successful in the future. This article will help students who are interested in Asia region: here are some reasons in case you cannot decide what language to learn.

Quality Education in China

China is famous because of its specialists in different industries: medicine, mathematics, physics and chemistry. The education of high quality is guaranteed due to the hard standards of studying in China. Universities offer the wide range of humanitarian, technical, economic and medical specialties. If you need more detailed information, you can find it here. In China, the discipline is respected in every sphere including the education. That is why universities in China are the place where it is really worth to study. Truancies, bad grades and violation of discipline can be the reasons of an expelling. Many parents mark that their children became more disciplined and older after a journey to China.

Good Employment Perspectives

The Chinese language gives an advantage in the development of own business: searching for partners, more advantageous terms of collaboration (quality, prices, etc.), vision of new possibilities. Therefore, some people want to work in the successful companies. The fact is that the human studied in China speaks it fluently. This point gives a large advantage both in searching for work in specialty and choosing other work spheres in any country. This language is very difficult for learning, especially for European, North and South America citizens. At the same time, China is the main trade partner for most countries in this region. Fun fact, if you ask a price in English and Chinese, probably you will hear two different answers, and obviously, the Chinese one will be lower. Also, Chinese people do not know English very well. That fact complicates organization of advantageous terms of collaboration. That is why Chinese speakers are so valuable for the western companies.

Chinese Graduated Students

Rich Culture and History

The another reason why you should study this language is culture and history of China. If you like traveling you should definitely come to China and find out how exceptional this country is. Its traditions and customs are related to the history and religion. Tibet is the territory of China, where the population has a unique culture. Therefore, Tibet has its own traditions. In China, people are very superstitious. In spite of technical process, the biggest part of population keeps the customs for more than 3 thousand years. Millions of tourists come from various corners of the globe every year. You not can see the unique monuments of ancient Chinese civilization but also dip into the specific atmosphere of East.

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