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The statement that Spanish is very widespread language may be surprising for you. Five hundred million people in twenty-two countries from four continents speak it because it is their mother tongue. It is about one-fifth of the Globe. A sphere of its usage grows constantly. In the previous article, we discussed the popularity of the Chinese language. Hopefully, in comparison with Chinese, Spanish sounds softer and it is not so difficult for learning. You probably know that Spanish is known as a language of emotions and passion. Thus, this article may be useful for people who are interested in culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Here you will find some advice and reasons why you should try Spanish.

Employment Opportunities

Spanish is used in the international communication. Besides, it is the official language of United Nations and its subsidiary organizations. So if you want to choose a profession which is connected with diplomacy or politics, Spanish will be very useful. You will have a lot of advantages in business and tourist trips. Also, knowing Spanish considerably extends employment opportunities both abroad and in the mother country. The number of international agreements between different foreign companies and exporters in Spain increases from year to year. Also, nowadays countries of Latin America play an important role in the international economy. English is not enough for the international business communications. Large companies prefer specialists who know at least two foreign languages. Thus, the interpreters are always in demand in the large international companies.

Great Culture and Art

Have you ever felt melancholy while listening to the sounds of immortal Spanish music or imagining yourself as one of the heroes of famous Spanish literature? A lot of people are dreaming of knowing the mother tongue of their favorite actors while watching favorite serials. It is a real pleasure to understand the movie without subtitles. Also, if you are interested in art then, obviously, you have heard about Spanish architecture and sculpture. More detailed information you can find more detailed information here. So each one who is interested in the sphere of art at least should try to learn this speech as it will help to join the wonderful epoch of Spanish Golden Age.

Spanish Paintings

Task Is Easy Enough

If you have already learned other Roman languages, there is no task easier than learn Spanish. The orthography of it is rather simple. Unlike English, here you write down exactly what you pronounce. An exception is only phrases that came from the other cultures and have their original spelling. It is believed that this feature makes Spanish so simple. Moreover, if you practice with the native speaker or he or she helps you to learn, be sure that you will know it in a very short period of time. Some specialists even think that Spanish can take the first honored place in rate of popular languages.

Communicate Without Misunderstandings

Knowing Spanish will help to discover all secrets of 22 countries which have their unique traditions and customs, a variety of beautiful landscapes, and also exceptional climatic terms. In the hospitable and friendly Spanish world, you will have an opportunity not only to take rest and acquaint with all the wonderful tints of multicolored cultures of Spain and Latin America but also to make friends in different Latin countries. Another benefit that if you are a tourist, local people may give you more interesting information than any guide ever.

Picture of Spain

World of Pure Satisfaction

Spanish is commonly associated with the saturated intonations, dynamics, and bright individuality of the speaker. Temperament and sensuality can be noticed in every Spanish word. It is a gorgeous language where the words sound magical, relaxing, and full of romance. When you speak Spanish you always imagine yourself as one of that passionate woman or man walking down the sunny narrow streets of Madrid.

A Few Cool Things to Know About

  • Considering the fact that the birth rates in Spanish-speaking countries are rather high, there is a probability this language will replace English in the future. It is assumed that in a few generations, up to 10 percent of the humanity will know Spanish as well. Thus, US will become a leader in the rate of the Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Surprisingly but in spite of wide distribution, Spanish remains enough homogeneous. There are only a few Spanish dialects. In comparison with Chinese, it is understandable all over the Globe, for example, the citizens of Spain and Chile can understand each other without problems.
  • Due to the abundance of vowels, Spanish is included in the list of the most rapid languages. This fact may cause certain problems for learning or when we try to understand the speech of the average native speakers.
  • The Spanish Royal Academy was created in the 18th This Academy is a judge when it comes to the questions related to the standards of Spanish. The Royal Academy produces authoritative dictionaries and grammatical reference books.
  • During the long period of time, Arabic influenced Spanish a lot. Nowadays, there are hundreds of the English terms related to the technique and culture which were adopted by the Spanish language.

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