Social Networks Are Not as Harmful as You Think

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Nowadays, more and more young people are using different social networks. Every year dozens of them appear on the market, and some of them become really popular among students. Of course, we all spend several hours a day online, chatting with friends or playing games.

However, teenagers’ parents and teachers will probably claim that social networks distract students’ attention and make their grades worse. Moreover, some students use their smartphones to chat with their friends even during lessons, or to cheat during tests. So, there is no wonder why adults are against social networks and forbid their children to use them.

Nevertheless, even if these situations are real and sometimes happen to school and college students, it does not mean that social networks have no benefits for young people and do them only harm. Our team want to clarify this issue and explain why some statements about their danger are just myths. Pay attention to the main advantages of social networking and reconsider your prejudice against them.

Professional Contacts

Social networks give a good opportunity to young people to maintain some strong professional relationships. It is easy to find a person who studies the same subjects as you do, for example. You can discuss some specific topics and share the experience. For example, you can find a partner for your research or ask somebody for professional advice.

Moreover, it may help you to find a job in the future. It is much easier to cooperate with people in such a way: you see their degree, profession and the sphere of interests thanks to one mouse click. There is no need to join special groups and communities to meet a person with the same professional interests. Social networks let you do it at home, without making any extra efforts.

Communicate with Family Members

Online Chat

While studying at college, some young people feel homesick and miss their families. Of course, such students want to contact them more often. Sometimes, it may be hard to call your parents several times a day because of a busy schedule. So, it is a pretty good idea to use social networks and keep a close contact with them.

Just add them on Facebook, for example, and there will be no problem to ask your family members about their well-being and see how they are doing, as they can share pictures or videos with you. Moreover, it is much cheaper than making a call if you are abroad. The only thing you have to pay for is the internet connection (which is free in cafes).

Improve Relationships with Friends

Despite the fact that many people believe social networks tend to threat live communication, it is actually wrong. In most cases they help to improve and develop relationships which exist between you and your group mates, roommates and friends from different colleges or towns.

It is a common thing when friendship starts from online communication. This is a chance for people to become good friends and know each other better. Sometimes, it is a good opportunity to save a good relationship with someone who lives in another city or even country and whom you cannot see very often. Social networks help to make any distance shorter. Besides most of them have a video-chat function.

Interesting Content

Social networks are not only the space for communication and making new friends. There is also a lot of amusing content. You can find almost everything there: from the recent news to popular movies. Moreover, some of these websites contain a huge amount of music and videos. It is possible to enjoy yourself and enlarge your knowledge. It means they may be useful for self-education and even for improving your grades at college. Sure, there may be some inappropriate content, but there is a possibility to ban it and turn advertisements off as well.

Recent Information

Worldwide News Online

Most companies and services have their own pages on social networks and publish the recent news about their work there. In addition, they may provide some contests with nice prizes. You can read or watch worldwide news there and discuss it with other users. Sometimes, such conversations give a chance to understand the reasons of some events deeper and help you to learn the ways of expressing your own opinion. It is a beneficial skill in real life as well.

There are many advantages of social networks, which prove that they do not just do harm to teenagers. These benefits may help student with studying and socializing as well. Sometimes, it is a good opportunity for a student to adapt to a new college or school.

Keep in mind that these advantages should not be ignored. Try to take all the best from social networking, but do not forget to control the time you spend online. We hope that this article is useful for you and broadens your opinion about this issue.

In the next post, we will explain how not to become addicted to social networks.

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