Learning Many Languages Is Full of Fun!

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Knowledge of languages is not a luxury but the vital necessity today. Generally, it elevates your mind. By studying the language, you also learn about the geography, literature, the culture of the country, and national cuisine at the same time. Foreign music becomes clear, you can watch foreign films without translation and subtitles or read a book in the original language. After finishing the study, you can pass an exam and get a certificate. It gives you the opportunity to find interesting work as an interpreter or private tutor. Thus, this article may be useful for people who are in search of new work opportunities.


You will be able to try something new by diving into another culture. For example, if you learn Spanish you can try to go to the tango lessons. If you like French, you can join the cooking courses and prepare croissants for breakfast or any other famous French dish. In case you are leaving abroad, the fear of misunderstanding will disappear, as you can easily explain everything to the people around. Generally, it is pleasant for any foreigner when a tourist speaks in his native language. This article will be useful for students who have doubts about learning foreign languages.

Developing Communication Skills

Practically, when we communicate in a native language we do not think about the grammatical structure of a sentence or about the accent because our main point is to carry the idea to the interlocutor. When we try to write something or begin to speak in foreign language, we concentrate on the order of words, a system of times or parts of speech. Then we realize that our native language also has structure and rules and our speech becomes cleaner.

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You become more creative.  When you speak in a foreign language, you are in a permanent search. The native words unite in the statements in a natural way without making a special effort but when you construct the expression in foreign language, it requires more thinking processes. The recent studies show that learning foreign languages improves three constituents of creativity: flexibility, original thinking, and fluency of speech. If you need more detailed information, you can find it here.

Correct Decisions

You may mention that our thoughts also have their language: you just spell them in your mind. According to the researchers, people who think in a foreign language have more abilities to think about pros and cons before the acceptance of an eventual decision. It appears that thinking in a native language is associated with the rapid and emotional acceptance of a decision. When a human thinks about the same problem in another language, a decision is based more on logic than on emotions. So next time when you will need to make a decision, try to think about it in a foreign language.

Languages Against Aging

The researchers say that people who know only one language age more quickly than those who know more. Seems funny but it is not a joke. Often our brain is compared with a muscle that constantly needs development. Learning languages let you memorize an enormous amount of information and so your brain gets necessary exercises. A trilingual person can boast of good memory as well. Results of numerous studies show that those people are good at memorizing lists and sequences, for example, shopping lists, names etc.

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5 Languages That May Be Learned in the Modern World

  • Although it seems that Portuguese is not widely spoken, this language is an official one in Brazil – a developing world market. Also Portuguese is official in some African countries, which can have a large market value in future because of China investments. In addition, Portuguese is the official language of Portugal where investors can get the second citizenship.
  • Despite the fact that Russia is not a quite fast-growing economic country, there are a lot of oligarchs that spend a lot of money abroad. This language is popular in a number of developing economies of CIS and East Europe.
  • This language is useful for people who want to live or have business in Latin America. Mexico demonstrates the economic growth. Other countries are developing markets and such countries as Paraguay and Ecuador offer cheap agricultural ground for those, who search for business or natural economy.
  • It is the main language in many perspective countries, rich centers, and frontier markets. Near East becomes one of the most important regions in the field of world finances and investments. Those who know Arabic will take the advantage on this market. Such cities as Dubai or Abu Dhabi became developing international financial centers. Apart from rich countries, the Arabic language is official in Iraq and some countries of North Africa, for instance, Tunis.
  • China has a big influence on the world and the global economic. Chinese business needs some new energy and sources. The Chinese businessmen are pragmatic and know that learning English will gain them more clients but it is not enough. There are not many people in China who know English. So English interpreters are always demanded in big foreign companies.

Great Opportunities

Some people even do not start learning the foreign language because some of them are really hard. Although, everything is hard in the beginning. All you have to do is to make an effort. The new language will help you to improve your knowledge and memory, will give you a lot of new possibilities for communication and development. Also, it may turn into a good bonus if you want to run your own business.

New language skill allows us to communicate with the citizens of other countries, gives the opportunity to get into the culture, understand the mentality, see the realities of life abroad. Moreover, the main goal of many people is finding a place where the conditions of living are the best for them. Knowing the language allows you to go abroad and live, study (in most of the cases – for free) or work in a foreign company.

Advice for Better Learning

There is some advice for those who want to study the new languages.

  • Learn the right words in the right order.
  • Learn some basic words and phrases, they are useful in each language.
  • Find out how to talk as a native speaker.
  • Accept your mistakes.
  • Practice in Skype with your foreign friend in order to improve skills.
  • Try to talk in a foreign language even at home.
  • Learn phrases but not simple words.
  • Study hard and regularly.
  • Develop your memory.
  • Learn to talk without the accent.
  • Do not be afraid to talk to the native speakers.

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