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Nowadays, it is difficult to find a young person who has no account on social networks. Students use them at college, home, on a bus and even while walking on the street. Chatting online with friends and parents is becoming more popular than face-to-face communication. Some teenagers find that it is more comfortable and enjoyable.

They prefer to write a short message rather than calling on the phone or meeting personally. Sure, communication on social networks is truly beneficial and has lots of advantages. However, we should not forget that there is nothing perfect, even if everyone uses it today. Social networking is one of such things.

It is essential to be aware of both good and bad effects of such kind of communication between people. Without such knowledge, a person may encounter a lot of unpleasant consequences and even ruin its life. Sure, no one wants to suffer because of the Internet.

The Quickest Way

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It is true that social networking is probably the fastest and easiest way to contact your friends or relatives. There is no need to wait hours, days or even weeks until your message is delivered. Just imagine that you need to wait for almost a month to send or receive a letter. Still that is how our ancestors lived: it was very difficult to stay in touch with old friends and family.

Nowadays, it takes several seconds to send a message. You can receive a reply just after you type it. Moreover, it does not matter if your friend is in the same room or in another country. There is no better way to communicate with friends and family members in case you want to get a fast response.

It Is Cheap

Companies which offer international communication and phone calling services have crazy prices as a rule. For most of students, they are too high. So, it may be very difficult to contact family while traveling or studying abroad. Of course, this is very sad, as communication should be affordable for everyone.

However, it is almost impossible to deal with such prices for an average teenager. That is why many of them prefer social networks. The only thing you should pay for is the internet connection. In addition, it is even possible to find free Wi-Fi almost everywhere from subway stations to cafes.

Providing Your Comfort

It is much easier and comfortable to type a message instead of spending hours on writing a letter, sending it and so on. It is possible to chat everywhere: at college, school or work, in public transport. Humanity has developed thousands of ways to do it.

The most popular devices today are probably smartphones: laptops and computers become less useful for communication, as not all of them are small and portable. That is why there are a great number of young people who look on their phone screen all the time. Moreover, social networks are becoming more and more comfortable for users. Their developers improve the interface, functions and other things day by day.

Reducing Live Communication

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At the same time, there are some great minuses of communication on social networks as well. Maybe, the biggest of them is the lack live communication. While chatting online all the time, some people just forget about the pleasure of real-life meetings and conversations. It results in bad speaking skills and shyness. These features will probably not help you at college or work.

Some teenagers may find that online communication can replace its counterpart. That is why they prefer to chat with friends even while sitting in the same room. Sure, it seems strange and shapes the wrong worldview in young people’s minds.

Violence and Rudeness

It is not a big secret that some young people often act rudely and violently while chatting. They do not choose the correct words and do not think well before writing something, as it has to be in real life. Why does it happen? The main reason is that these teenagers do not think about the responsibility for their words. In the worst cases, they start acting like this in real life.

Moreover, it is hardly possible to avoid people who make rude jokes and try to make fun of you just for their enjoyment. It makes your mood worse and may even cause depression. They try to laugh at one’s appearance, negative qualities and life problems. Of course, a young person will be worried after such messages and violent jokes.

All in all, it is essential to know both positive and negative points of online communication. It should not be eliminated from your life if you want to live it in a comfortable and enjoyable way. However, it is vital to control the time you are online and communicate in the real reality as well, not just in the virtual one. Do not try to replace live communication with chatting. It may ruin your relationships with people you love, and hence you may lose all your friends. Of course, it is a pity when a young person becomes lonely and cannot socialize successfully because of the disability to get in touch with others in real life.

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