A List of Disadvantages of Social Networks

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In our previous article, we mentioned one of the disadvantages of social networks: addiction. Also, we explained some ways of its prevention. Now, it is time to tell you about the main disadvantages of social networks.

Why is it so important to know them? You should be aware of these points to protect yourself from lots of troubles and not to fall into the trap of social networking. Some teenagers do not even realize that spending so much time in virtual reality may be harmful not only for their eyesight, but for their mental health as well. So, it is essential to explain this danger to them.

Our team understands such a necessity, and this is what our post is dedicated to this time. Below you can find a list of the most unpleasant and harmful features of social networks.

Ineffective Socializing

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Of course, some young people may claim that social networking offers us free chatting and video calls throughout the whole world, and that it is a good alternative to real communication which helps to socialize. Nevertheless, this is an opinion to reconsider thoroughly. It was proved by the research that teenagers who prefer to communicate with friends online may have lots of troubles with socializing in their real lives. Keep in mind that real communication cannot be replaced with online chatting. Sometimes, social networks become the reason of the feeling of separation in a family or a company of friends who just look at their phones or laptops instead of communicating with each other.

Worse Study

Some young people who spend too much time on social networks start getting lower grades and become less attentive during college lessons. The main reason for this is that they on their smartphones and chatting all the time. Some students use their phones even during classes and answer all the messages immediately. Of course, lecturers can get angry because of that and their attitude to such students can become worse.

Sometimes, teenagers may even prefer to spend more time on social networks instead of preparing for their exams or doing their homework. There is no doubt that they are a kind of distracting factors for young people and may negatively affect their study.

Conflicts and Stress

Some teenagers may start behaving in a rude or even violent way on social networks. It may be not typical for them in the real life, but they feel more confident online. As a result, a lot of conflicts may appear, and they cause stress and anxiety among students. Sure, this is very harmful to their mental health. In the worst cases, professional psychologist’s help may be needed. On the other hand, young people’s behavior may become much ruder in the real life. They start to offense other people and encounter dozens of conflicts with friends, teachers and family members.

Inappropriate Materials

Nowadays, most of the social networks are full of inappropriate content for teenagers. There are lots of rude videos, racist jokes or discriminating attitudes to certain people because of their appearance, for example. No one is safe from angry and offensive comments under their profile pictures. Everyone can say something bad to you and will probably not be punished for it.

Sometimes students cannot see the border between social networks and real life. Then they start joking rudely and making the same comments at college or school. Moreover, violent content with bloody scenes or filthy language may seriously damage a person’s health. These are quite common reasons for moral traumas among teenagers, who spend too much time online. The worst thing is that it is almost impossible to protect yourself from the content of this kind. There is still no effective program, which can ban all inappropriate materials or online thieves. The only way is to write messages of complaint to the hosts of such websites

No Privacy

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It is true that there are many theories and phobias related to social networks. Some people think that spies and secret services watch them and read their private messages. That is why they feel constant fear when using such websites and putting any information about themselves there. Of course, these theories are not proved, and they are probably just someone’s paranoia.

However, you should be careful when writing anything about yourself on the internet. Social networks may be used by thieves, kidnappers, maniacs and other criminals. They may find your house, workplace, name and even steal your bank account. Such things happen in real life with some real people, who are not careful and reveal too much private information online.

Apathy and Fewer Emotions

While chatting all the time and communicating with people less in reality, a student becomes less emotional and expresses his or her feelings and thoughts poorly. It leads even to apathy and loss of interest in real life. Young people start thinking that the most amusing things can be found only online and that there is nothing that can replace them in their life.

Have you heard some of your friends just say “Lol” with poker-faces instead of smiling and laughing. They just do not realize that this is not a chat room and they should express their emotions naturally. Moreover, some guys start making their words and phrases shorter. It makes their vocabulary poorer and worsens their speaking skills as well.

Wasting Your Time

It is true that social networks are time wasters for most of the teenagers. Often, young people prefer to chat with their friends for an hour and then spend the whole day online. Sure, they do not do anything useful during this time. While it can a good opportunity to complete your homework and do lots of other beneficial things. Just think how much time you spend on social networks and how many tasks you could complete during these hours.

All in all, it is essential to be aware of the most harmful disadvantages of social networks. Sometimes, they may be dangerous for your life, as in the case with online criminals, who look for their victims there. Moreover, there is still no effective protection from negative consequences which social networking may cause. Police and other special services cannot overcome violence there and prevent cybercrimes as well.

A young person should be careful and responsible for his or her own well-being. There are many dangers on social networks which you may not expect. We hope that our article will help you to avoid lots of mistakes and failures. Think over all your steps and do not believe strangers, however banal this advice sounds. In the next post, we will explain the benefits, which social networking may give to your study, and how they can help you improve your grades.

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