beautiful thing with sex pheromones

It’s like Medusa turned you into stone and you can’t think or move and you’re frozen in one spot. What happens is guys enter a venue and get stuck in the environment of pheromones.
They let the environment overwhelm them, the music, the lights, the girls in short skirts, everyone’s drinking and having a good time and you’re not. So how do you overcome this dilemma? You have to get out of your head. You need massive action instead of letting the environment overwhelm you; you overwhelm the environment. Listen, you don’t need the girls to have a good time, just start having fun on your own. Your actions dictate your emotions, so start taking positive actions to build up your state of pheromones.

Dance, jump up and down, clap, and just move your body and smile, even force it if you have to it’s weird I know but it works. You have to take responsibility for your state because no one else is going to do it for you. Don’t wait for the DJ to make it better, don’t wait for the alcohol to kick in and don’t wait for your friends to do anything because it’s not coming for sex pheromones.
You have to get yourself into state on your own. Use this Nero Linguistic Programming technique: anchor a move like clapping, squeeze your fist, bump your head, snap. Every time you do this, you can bring yourself back to that positive state. Talk to people, high five them as your walking by, build momentum from the moment you get out of your car, have fun, and remember the internal mindset: you’re enough, you’re self- amused, freedom from outcome, love yourself, you have massive value just have a blast and care less about other’s reactions. The world needs you to be you and that’s a beautiful thing with sex pheromones.
In all honesty, I rarely have to consciously think about these things when I go out because they are embedded into my personality. I believe I am always in state at all times. Every time you go out the first woman you approach will always be the hardest, and as a result it will wake you up and get blood flowing through your body. You need to lower your time of reaction from the first girl you approach to the next. And for the rest of the day or night it progressively gets easier the more action you take and the more women you interact with. I like to say the first hour doesn’t count when I go out with true pheromones.
You’re getting used to the environment wherever you are, so just focus on having as much fun as possible and interact with whomever you’d like; both male and female. Stop thinking you have to be talking to an attractive woman in order to be having fun. Everyone you see is a new possibility to create a fun experience with. Let’s say you’ve been working on the computer all day on work projects and have had little social interactions throughout your day with sex pheromones.

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